Premier Manufacturing, Inc.

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Premier Manufacturing specializes in the marketing and sales of Controlled / Private-Label products and programs. Our goal from the outset was to develop a long-term partnership with wholesalers and distributors, providing high-quality products at competitive prices.

Founded in 1995, PMI brands have quickly become some of the most popular brands in their class. With a strong presence in c-store, tobacco/cigarette shops, drug and grocery chains, our products and marketing programs set high standards in the industry long before the current rush of low-priced and low-quality cigarettes flooded the market.  Providing careful attention to quality and our customer’s needs, PMI has set themselves apart from these inferior products and companies by delivering on what we promised from the day we started. We provide quality products, at affordable prices, using all the marketing expertise our company has to offer to make the brands we carry successful for all of our distributors.

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