Raymundo’s Food Group, LLC

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Starting in 1997, Raymundo’s has grown to become a category leader in both refrigerated gelatins and puddings, as well as the leading manufacture of Latino desserts nationally. Raymundo’s has pioneered the individual dessert category for several decades. The Raymundo flan is ranked number one in sales in the US.

We currently private label 14 brands. The Raymundo’s brand is Nationwide. We are the Latino gelatin of choice with most large retailers, including: Walmart, Super Valu, Food Lion, Kroger, etc. Raymundo’s gelatin is distributed by 48 regional hispanic distributors to local ethnic markets. We are one of the largest manufacture of gelatin, pudding, and Latino Specialty gels nationally. We offer a number of the top selling UPCs nationally with Raymundo’s Fruit N Gel placing #1 in the dessert category. Raymundo’s remains one of the fastest growing food companies nationally.

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