Trinidad Benham Corporation

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Trinidad Benham is a merchandising, packaging, trading and distribution company driven by experienced employee-owners. We’re known for beans, rice, popcorn and aluminum foil, but we’re so much more. We are a nimble company that doesn’t just meet the needs of our customers – we create forward thinking solutions for the retail, food service and institutional trade channels that we serve.

We’re always pushing ourselves to be better business partners, exceed expectations, and create new successes. We take great pride in creating an environment where anyone can have the next breakthrough business idea, and where everyone can participate in the growth of our company. Whether it’s distributing product across North America or advocating the benefits of eating beans, we’re constantly searching for ways to grow private brand sales.

Your business means more to us because your business is our business. You won’t find a more dedicated group than Trinidad Benham. That’s who we are as a company, and as people.


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