United Dairy Farmers

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Our family opened the first United Dairy Farmers in 1940. In those days, most people were paying a premium to have milk delivered to their homes. Our store changed that. At just 28¢ per gallon, we cut the price of milk nearly in half for our customers.

Our savings were impressive. But it was our products made with care that kept people coming back. That was especially true of our ice cream. With our fresh cream and fruits, real vanilla and other quality ingredients, our ice cream quickly became a local favorite.

As word of mouth grew, so did we. Within a decade, our little family-run business had expanded to 9 locations. The best quality, the best products at the best prices. That was our family’s formula then, and it still is today. With nearly 200 stores in 3 states, we continue to expand, providing new locations and products.

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