Wise Foods, Inc

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Whether you look to Wise® for new flavors or for the classic crunch, it’s been over 90 years since we started making real snacks for friends and families to enjoy together. Continuing to use the highest quality ingredients, we’re still headquartered in Berwick, PA – and are proud members of the community that helped lay the foundation for it all.

It all started in 1921 when Earl Wise, Sr. was a young grocer with too many potatoes. Being a frugal businessman, he decided to use the extra potatoes to make potato chips. He did all the work by hand and sold the chips in brown paper bags from his store. Earl’s chips enjoyed instant popularity and rapid growth in the Eastern United States.

When Earl Wise, Sr. started making chips, he created a legacy. And since then, Wise Foods has been a leader in the snack food industry. That’s why the Snack Food Association inducted Earl Wise Sr. into their coveted Circle of Honor on March 22, 2011 – an honor that is only matched by the loyalty of Wise fans.

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