Fighting Common Resume Myths: The Same Resume for Every Job

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Fighting Common Resume Myths: The Same Resume for Every JobYou should use the same resume for every position you apply to.

MYTH! You should use the same resume only if every job you apply to is exactly the same, with exactly the same criteria, requirements, and desired qualifications …

What’s the likelihood of that? Not very likely…

Customize your resume to the position you want, but don’t be opposed to making small changes along the way. Making small changes can really help increase your candidacy and resume response rate. Consider the following small adjustments to increase your competitiveness:

  • Changing your job target/title
  • Reorganizing keywords
  • Restructuring the order of bullet points with the most relevant at the top
  • Moving education around when it’s critical to the position, even placing it at the top
  • Focusing on relevant results in the top third of the resume

Making a few small tweaks can have a sizable impact on your resume response rate and whether the employer will view you as a qualified candidate. Don’t let one small change that you could have made hold you back from that interview for that great new position you want.

My name is Jessica Hernandez, and I’m the President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast.  My passion is giving job seekers who don’t have the experience, expertise, or time the tools and resources they need to find their next great career!  My specialty is resume writing, and I use my 12+ years’ experience as a recruiter and HR manager to create interview-worthy resumes for my clients.

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