How to Create a Personal Brand Without Being a Jerk

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How to Create a Personal Brand Without Being a JerkThere are those talking about Personal Branding who are nothing more than egomaniacs used to leading their high school clique. Personal Branding is NOT the same as being the center of attention or creating a cult of your own personality!

In fact, a good brand is quite the opposite. Let me explain.

Your Personal Brand, Their Emotions:

Think about Steve Jobs.  What emotions come to your mind?  I think “innovative,” “polished,” and “underdog power.”

On the other hand, think about Paris Hilton. What emotions come to your mind? I think “conceited,” “spoiled,” and “lost at sea.”

Now, think about yourself and how you want others to remember you. What three emotions come to your head?

Demanding popularity will typically get you enemies. However, being authentic, honest, and real gets you respect!

But I Don’t Want to Put Myself Out There!

There isn’t much of a choice. People who deny they have a personal brand simply end up with a very bad one. But people who proactively manage it are ahead of the game.

I was at a Project Managers networking event the other night. Project Managers remind me of Engineers … technical, to the point, and not necessarily comfortable networking. And that’s exactly why they are so good. They get their jobs done, don’t let emotions get in the way of delivery, and don’t waste time.

During one conversation, a man told me that even just coming to this event was a huge challenge for him. And that running his job search around building a personal brand was WAY outside his comfort zone.

So I explained that a personal brand doesn’t mean you have to jump around the room pretending to be something you are not. Think about Spock, from Star Trek. He certainly has a brand: “meticulous,” “professional,” and “straight to the point.”

What qualities do you have that can help you do your job well? How do you want to be remembered by potential employers?

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