How to Ignite Your Job Search

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How To Ignite Your Job SearchThe first key step to igniting your job search is to take yourself out of your normal world. Giving yourself that time and space to think about what you want is like igniting the flame. What can you do to reinvigorate yourself with motivations that are important to you so you have enough energy for the job hunt? You need to consider that before you get into a position where you’re ready to start the search.

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You’re going to need to realise that about three quarters of job hunting is about doing the hard yards. Look at the reality of your current situation. You’re going to have to confront some things that are going to be quite hard for you to look at. You need to recognise that fear of remaining in your current job forever or staying unemployed for a long time can be healthy as well as paralysing. It can be used as the rocket fuel that motivates you to do things.

It’s important to nurture ourselves by making certain we get proactive, objective feedback and we get it from people who know us well. Where do we find such people?

We find them in our communities and tribes. Be more overt about what you need from them. Talk about what your intentions are and what help you require. You can’t find a new job alone; you need your support network.

Get your priorities in order. You have a number of tasks ahead of you in your job search. Be sure that you’re physically fit and mentally sharp enough to complete these tasks. If you’ve got a current job, time is a very precious commodity for you. Therefore it’s vital that you get clear on what tasks you’re going to be prioritizing both in your current work and in your job search.

A common mistake made by job seekers is to go to market too quickly. They get out there on the internet applying to whatever positions they see on online job boards. This is not strategic. They can end up with something completely different to what they wanted.

The job search starts with you. You’ve got to be future-orientated. You’ve got to be clear about what you need. Find out what your value is in the job market. Look at what the transition issues in your current job are. How do you manage those? Be specific, really specific about what you’re targeting. When targets start to be clear, this helps you as you step into research.

Research the role you want and the type of organisation you want to work for. Get ready to go out and navigate the new job world. How do you utilise new digital technologies to good effect?

Ask yourself if your CV is going to help or hinder you. Look closely at it for the patterns that are there for you in terms of skills and experience. This is the process you go through to get clear about where you’re going to fit in.

Go and network seriously. Have a very clear message. Build relationships. Know what your personal brand is. You have to know how you’re going to present yourself to employers.

In summary, identify what you want your future to be, get really get clear on what you’re targeting and venture forth. See our Igniting Job Searches webinar for help with your next steps in your job search or explore our Career Ignition Club.

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