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How to Prepare for the InterviewGuest Post

The time will come when your dream company will fall in love with you and want to schedule an interview for a specific position.  You’ve read all the tough interview questions and how best to respond.  You’ve practiced but now, you have a “real job” to interview for.  What should you be doing to ensure THIS interview is perfect?

There are things you can do to translate all of your hard work into something you can now craft for a specific job opening.

Instructions for preparation:

You should have a copy of the position description and job requirements.  If not, ask for this information to be sent to you.

On the copy of the information for the job, go through it and highlight anything that looks like a key word that would be a skill, experience or education.

Transfer the highlighted words into the outline below and begin responding to the question at the top of the column for that particular word.  This will help you identify likely responses to questions they may have for that job.  Often times an interviewer will prepare an interview outline based on the information on the job description they have posted.  While they may not ask a question for each item, they will ask questions about many of those items.

Once you have worked up your questions and responses, you need to follow the process for preparation and practice.  First, you will write your response. Second, you will read your response and refine it. Third, you will practice.

Key Word What results or accomplishments do you have that demonstrates the presence of this?

Additional Preparation:

It is important that you are prepared with questions for the interviewer about the company and the position.  You may want to formulate additional or questions specific to that company.  You don’t need all that many questions or background knowledge to demonstrate you have a good understanding of their company throughout your interview.

Prior to the interview, you should be researching the company for the following type of information

  • News
  • Financial performance
  • Information about the hiring manager or those in the department
  • Cultural information and dress code

It is important to prepare and practice for interviews throughout your entire job search process.  However, once you have a specific job as your target you can step up your preparation to ensure your success with more detail and targeted information.


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