Improve Your Career (And Get Free Stuff!)

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Improve Your Career (And Get Free Stuff!)This month, we invite you to improve your career- and get FREE stuff in the process!

CPGpeople Turns 20 (Thousand)

Last month CPGpeople, the CPGjobs LinkedIn Group exclusively for CPG Professionals hit a major milestone…membership soared passed 20,000! If you’re wondering how to best spend your time on LinkedIn building your network, connecting with people at your “dream company,” or making terrific business contacts, CPGpeople is definitely the place.

More than half of the members at CPGpeople are in senior level positions within their organizations and come from a variety of CPG disciplines including Sales, Marketing, Business Development and Operations.

If you’re not a member, join us now. If you are a member, take advantage of this amazing community of CPG people; comment on a post or share your knowledge with others. It’s a great way to network for that next great position, increase your social media profile and gain tips and advice from your peers.

We look forward to seeing you there!

One final word. If you are not currently a registered member at CPGjobs, consider registering now. It’s the best way to ensure that you receive notifications of new jobs, special offers and upcoming events. Check out our May Premium Member upgrade challenge below and upgrade to a Premium CPGjobs membership FREE!

But Wait, There’s More

CPGpeople isn’t the only place on LinkedIn to further your career. We also offer you the opportunity to talk directly with 700+ recruiters at our Group CPG-Recruiters!

You already know that job search is NOT the time to be shy. This Group is a great place to showcase your talent or ask your “burning job search questions” and get them answered by the folks that live and breathe recruiting in the CPG space.

CPG-Recruiters is not an open Group, but it IS an excellent way for you to be seen by the people recruiting talent in the industry. And although you cannot join the Group as a member, (membership is exclusively reserved for recruitment and HR professionals), it’s easy to participate in CPG-Recruiters. Simply go to CPG-Recruiters on LinkedIn and click the Discussions tab at the top of the page. Your question or post will be released to the CPG-Recruiters community upon review.

Recruiters love talking about what they do AND they want to connect with talented people, so step right up!

Yes, There’s Still More … FREE Stuff!

You already know that CPGjobs Premium Members can get introduced personally and directly to the hiring company at any of the jobs posted at CPGjobs, right? This special service ensures that you WILL be seen by the hiring company and helps you bypass the “black hole” of job search.

This is pretty valuable stuff, and evidently the CPG community agrees because we’ve been experiencing terrific growth in membership registrations. In fact, we’re just about to hit 100,000 CPGjobs members!

To help push us over the 100K mark, we’re extending this special offer to our current members:

Now through May 31st, when you refer a friend to CPGjobs, and they register for a Premium Membership, you’ll get a year of CPGjobs Premium Membership service absolutely free! If you’re already a Premium Member, we’ll add your free year to your current membership.

Qualifying is easy. Just email your friend or friend’s names to us via email at We’ll confirm your friend’s memberships and adjust your account. It’s that easy!

Friends don’t let friends fall into the black hole. Share a little CPGjobs love and your kindness will be immediately repaid in the form of FREE MEMBERSHIP!

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