Introvert Leader: Knowing When It’s Time to Leave Your Job

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There comes a time in every career, where you have to contemplate leaving. Introvert Leader or not, it’s a tough decision to make.

You’ve invested your time and dedication to your company and to the job. You may be emotionally tied to the outcome of a project that isn’t done. You could make a list of all the things that keep you there.

Is there ever a good time to quit your job?

In a word: Yes.

Let’s look at this question as dispassionately as possible.

Here are some reasons to go:

  •  You don’t fit. For whatever reason, you and most of the people here are out of step. You don’t get invited to lunch (or rarely) or the level of support is spotty.
  • You and the management aren’t clicking. If your immediate manager or the one above them aren’t working together well, you might as well forget promotions. In fact, you’re at risk for keeping your job anyway.
  • You see no growth in sight. If you aren’t taking on new things or see the promise of something new (project or promotion) you are not only not growing, you’re sliding backward. You’re wasting precious time.
  • You performed a CLM (career limiting move). Sure, people can be forgiven for screw-ups but not everyone for some reason. If the trust hasn’t been restored at some point, it won’t. You’re at an official dead end.
  • If the environment is dysfunctional. I’m amazed at how often I hear of some seriously weird behavior in groups. People don’t flourish and grow where the “people behavior” is full of sabotage, distrust, weird rules and inequities.
  • You’re done. All things might be great where you work but you simply have “been there – done that” and there is nothing else new to do.

Just because it’s a tough decision to make doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make it. The only problem with staying in a bad job situation too long is staying in it when you’re afraid to leave.

If you’ve made it this far and have some or all of these reasons, it’s time to make your exit strategy.

It’s surprising how much better you will feel when you have your exit strategy in place. Here are things you need to consider next:

– Don’t quit your job without another job in the wings.

– Get clear you are embarking on a job search.

– Update your resume and Linked In profile (set privacy so no one at work sees your update, then turn it back on)

– Start making relationships with recruiters.

– Activate your network and let them know, you want to be connected to your targeted companies.

– Figure out or carve out time in your calendar for a job search because this is extra work and time – but be careful it’s not on company time. (Someone will eventually notice)

To some degree, if you are asking yourself if it’s time to go, then it probably is. Don’t agonize on the decision; it won’t make it any easier.

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