Introvert Leadership: There’s More to Getting a Promotion than Great Results

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A tough lesson many Introvert Leaders sometimes don’t learn is that getting a promotion is much more than simply performing well. If you think about what I’m saying for a minute, you’ll realize what I’m saying is true.

What other reason can you possibly come up with for seeing unqualified or lesser skilled people get promoted ahead of you?

Performing well is not enough to get you a promotion. Do I have your attention?

Many of us introverts seem to think that to hunker down and deliver amazing results is enough. To make matters worse, when we see self-promotion or sucking up to the boss, we get self righteous about the dynamic, thinking we’re above it all.

Is this you? If so, you’re in for a disappointing and frustrating future.

You MUST create value for the boss.

Of course delivering well in your job is important. You also have to be savvy enough to realize about the other things you have to keep your eye on.

There are several moving parts to creating value in the mind of the person who holds power over your next paycheck.

  1. You understand their priorities. If you don’t spend time learning what is most important to the boss and then delivering, you fail. Those priorities may or may not have much to do with your job responsibility but it’s your job to find out.
  2. You have their back. The boss is between a rock (upper management) and a hard place (you, your peers and the business results). They have a cast of characters to make happy and they’re out there on their own. Are you helping them look good up the food chain? Are you supporting them? Or just doing your job?
  3. You are a whole system thinker. If all you do is think about you and your work without looking at the bigger picture of what the “right” thing is, the boss will move on. Getting an employee to think beyond their office is hard to do and usually impossible to accomplish. The boss will simply move on to someone who can think that way.
  4. You have a personal relationship. People hire people they like. They also promote people they like. Are you likeable? How would the boss know if you don’t spend time connecting with them? Do you have a good attitude or one they can relate to?
  5. You have to help them understand your value. Yes, performing well is important but you have to help the boss understand the eloquence of what you accomplished. Have you done that? You can think it’s their job to know what you’re doing all day long. Does that ensure they really know? No, that’s your job to constantly be informing the boss what you do, why it’s great and why they should care.

The person that creates the greatest value in the mind of the boss will get paid more and get the promotions more frequently.

That is the point of your career isn’t it?

You can call this being a suck up, bosses favorite or whatever label you want to put on it. The point is that in order for you to make the climb up the leadership ladder, you have to give management a reason to help you climb.

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