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Penny Sallberg-CarrilloThere’s something about this time of year that always puts me in mind of how grateful I am for each and every one of you who have helped us make CPGjobs a success. Despite the past few (very challenging) years, the Company continues to grow and attract talented professionals, as well as the very best employers in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry.

Thank you for continuing to use us and help us to grow.

I don’t need to tell any of you that the job search landscape for candidates today is incredibly complex. And with this complexity has come a tremendous time management challenge that can make job search or career change overwhelming- a sixty-plus hour a week full time job.

For a lot of us, the major frustration is how to get seen. You know that you can shine in an interview and that your background is perfect for many of the jobs to which you apply, but you have difficulty rising to the top of the stack and getting that all important first conversation with the hiring company. The “black hole” is a place we all understand and it’s incredibly frustrating, I know.

But here’s something you may not know.

There are many CPGjobs registered candidates that ARE getting their resumes seen and ARE getting that first conversation with the hiring manager ahead of other candidates. These folks are CPGjobs Premium Members and they’re getting the interviews they want.

How? It’s because we are making personal introductions for these candidates and ensuring that they have that all important one-to-one conversation with the right person.

Here’s what one Premium CPGjobs Member has to say about our service:

Wanted to share some splendid news with the fine people at CPGJobs… I have landed the perfect new role at the perfect company for me!  I am the newest member of the Sales Team at Annie’s Inc. — we sell organic mac n cheese, sweet and savory snacks, cookies, cereals, dressings, and condiments.  I am so proud to be a part of such a transparent and ethical company, where I feel that I can live my principles 24 hours a day and seven days a week! 

 Thank you for helping me get to HR with the network you have established.  This was the longest hiring process I ever been through, but every minute was worth it.  I am so happy to be at Annie’s!  A big shout out to the CPGPeople team!

 I hope others find their way to you too.  I highly recommend the expertise of CPGJobs and CPGPeople to all new job seekers and those who may be exploring. – N. Jassal


Now, the advantage of having a personal introduction to a hiring company is probably pretty obvious- but there are also some advantages you may not have thought of.

How many of you struggle with a personal situation or job history that simply can’t be explained properly on a resume? For example, perhaps your spouse is being relocated to another city and you need to find a position in that new city. If you apply directly to a company, their applicant tracking system will most likely kick you out of the list of viable candidates because of your current place of residence. Yes, you can craft a perfect cover letter and include this information in there- but are you sure anyone is ever going to read it?

Here’s another real-life example. Most job postings these days do not include salary information. When you go in to apply for a position on a company’s website, 99% of the time you are asked to include your current salary or salary range. You must be honest when filling out your application, but you have no idea what the position pays. The company’s applicant tracking system or resume screeners will simply kick you out of the running if your salary history is “too high” for the position. You will never get seen and you will never have the opportunity to explain your desire to take a position with growth potential for an initial decrease in pay.

We call these kinds of situations “the elephants in the room,” and most people have at least one of these elephants to overcome as they search for a job. Of course, the good news is that we can help you overcome your “elephants,” talk directly to the hiring company about your situation and get you in front of them without your stepping one foot into the black hole!

My only question is, “Why are more of you not taking advantage of this opportunity?”

We read your emails. We know that some of you have an objection to paying $39.95 a year to purchase a Premium Membership. But I want you to think about this for a minute. For a one-time annual fee of $39.95- about $3.00 a month, you are going to get those personal conversations with hiring managers for the jobs you are absolutely perfect for! Do you realize that you will recoup this investment on your very first day on your new job? Is your future worth $3.00 a month?

Of course, there are lots of other benefits for Premium Members as well. We can help you clean up or focus your resume for a particular position based on what we know about the company and hiring manager. We can help follow up after you have your initial phone conversation. Plus, you get access to the “Premium” view of the job board, which includes additional search functions and “number of applicants” data.

I’ll be honest with you. The work of finding people jobs is a two-way street. We WANT to put your talents in front of our hiring companies because it proves our value as a resource for the best CPG candidates to them in a very real way. When you make your application on the company’s website and not through CPGjobs, you run the risk of never being seen AND you are missing the opportunity for us to help you. It just doesn’t make any sense – especially in this hyper-competitive job market.

Convinced? Register for your CPGjobs Premium Membership here. Still have questions? Email or call us at 626-535-0143.

Make 2012 the year you get the job you want…take advantage of our Premium service and start putting those 60 hours a week to work at your dream job- not on job search. We look forward to making it happen for you!

Oh, and by the way, I want to mention that companies DO hire through the holiday season. The holiday “hiring break” is a complete myth, so be sure to check the job board and continue to make your applications through the holidays.

Very best wishes for the holiday season,

Penny Sallberg Carrillo



Penny Sallberg-Carrillo


PS: Got a CPGjobs success story? We’d love to hear! Post your recommendation on our LinkedIn Company Page!



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