It’s No Secret, CPGjobs is Going Strong

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CPGjobs Is No SecretLast week someone passed an article to us that speculated about the potential sale of Its true, such rumors have circulated before. But there can be no doubt that in the past several years, the market position of (the big) job boards has been negatively impacted by social recruiting and the enormous popularity of LinkedIn among candidates and recruiters alike.

It’s interesting then that CPGjobs is actually seeing more job posting activity than ever before from hiring companies and recruiters. In fact, as of this writing, CPGjobs has a record number of active positions posted on the site, and we continue to add new hiring companies on a daily basis.

Part of this growth is the natural ebb and flow of the market. We also think this growth is due to the fact that now, more than ever, employers want to target their recruitment efforts towards candidates they know are qualified both professionally and culturally to work in their organizations.

The value of CPGjobs to industry-experienced candidates is certainly no secret. In addition to a record number of active job searches posted on the site, the number of CPGjobs registered candidates is also steadily growing, this despite slowing unemployment numbers.

To ensure the health of the CPGjobs community, we want to present the very best, most qualified professionals to our hiring companies; and we want to make sure that when they are searching for your talents, that they can find you.

We know we are constantly harping on this, but we just want to remind you again to:

  • Keep your Candidate Profile at CPGjobs updated with your latest contact information.
  • Keep your resume on file with us updated with any recently acquired skills, education and experience.


Doing these simple things will ensure that your profile appears at the top of the list when hiring companies search for your skill set and background … and will bring you that much closer to achieving your career objectives.

And remember, we are here to help you. When you call, a human being actually picks up the phone. Here’s the number: 626-535-0143.


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