Jason Seiden: How To “Fail Spectacularly”

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Monster Tweetup - Jason Seiden, Laurie Ruettimann

Jason Seiden’s blog, Fail Spectacularly is one of those rare finds – a site that comes to you from a random Twitter link and POW! You discover an interesting, beautiful (and entertaining) mind to follow.

In a world full of self-appointed “social media gurus” and consultants, Seiden’s posts on career and leadership are compellingly honest, brief, interesting and informative.

Jason does have the “pedigree.” He spent a decade developing interpersonal and client-facing communication strategies for F500 executives, small company managers, and front line sales professionals. He is the co-founder of Ajax Social Media – the first LinkedIn certified company in North America and his blog is one of HCI’s Top 50 Best Blogs in Leadership, 2011. He is also the author of several books including Super Staying Power (McGraw-Hill) and  How to Self Destruct (Trestle Publishing). Jason’s new book, a collaborative effort about using LinkedIn to achieve business goals is due out later this year.

Seiden is also a frequent speaker and is currently scheduled to speak at the International Trade Association and at the Chicago SHRM conference in August. Evidently he occasionally delivers a keynote entitled “Forget your career path – live your story,” which I am definitely going to keep an eye out for.

But the thing I find most compelling about Jason’s blog is the incorporation of his very wise children into his blog. Check out Elle and Jason Talk Peer Pressure and Priorities. Wow! It is strangely refreshing to see a man so openly and affectionately sharing his beautiful, intelligent kids on his (business) website.

Bottom line: this is definitely one to bookmark.

I hope you find what Jason is doing as interesting as I do, What do you think about incorporating your personal life into your business blog? Does it detract, or is it refreshing?

image: Jason Seiden and Laurie Ruettimann at the Monster Tweet Up

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