Job Search: Insights from Recruiters’ Insider Secrets to Getting the Job You Want

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Recruiters' Insider Secrets Teleseminar Recap



There were some amazing job search insights provided last night at the CPGjobs sponsored tele-seminar, Recruiters’ Insider Secrets to Getting the Job You Want. I hope you had the chance to attend. If not, there’s a link to the audio for the event provided below.

Dorothy Tannahill-Moran (who writes frequently for CPGjobs), joined Tom Bolt of  Leute Management Services, Gail Houston of Intuit and Tim Tyrell-Smith of  Tim’s Strategy to lead a one-hour question and answer session covering candidates’ most frequently asked questions about working with recruiters.

Tim Tyrell-Smith has posted  an excellent recap of the conversation on his site, Tim’s Strategy, which I highly recommend.


The event covered these topics:

  • Managing long-term relationships with recruiters
  • Dealing with phone screens
  • Disclosure of salary information early on in the process
  • Getting feedback after the phone call or interview; how to follow up without stalking
  • What is the definition of the “perfect candidate”?
  • Why it’s important to ask questions
  • How to make yourself more competitive in job search
  • Why your attitude really matters…REALLY
  • The inside scoop on Applicant Tracking Systems – and the pitfalls candidates fall into
  • Why you don’t hear something back immediately
  • The biggest mistakes job seekers make with recruiters
  • Why its important to focus your job search and consider your own values
  • Dealing with gaps in employment…and the question of “age-ism”
  • How to maintain your relevancy in the job market
  • The impact of social media on your job search (and job)
  • How to change your career focus
  • The real importance of LinkedIn to job search – and how to use it (tips, hints and links)
  • The eternal question: How important are cover letters? What info should you include?
  • Great tips for ensuring a successful interview


Amazing right? If you’d like to listen to the event, just click this link:  Recruiters’ Insider Secrets


Follow the guests on Twitter:

Gail Houston:  @ghouston

Tim Tyrell-Smith  @TimsStrategy

Tom Bolt  @tombolt

Helpful Link For Job Seekers from Intuit Careers:


We’d love to hear your feedback on the event if you attended. And if you have any questions you’d like to ask the recruiters, you can post them here and we’ll get them answered!


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