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Just Say NoIs there ever a good reason to turn down a job?  Some people have learned the hard way that not every job is worth taking.  Just as companies soon find out that not every candidate is a good hire, job seekers also find out that not every offer is a good offer.

Here are some strong reasons to refuse a job offer:

The compensation package is below par. If an organization is not willing to pay the going rate for someone with your level of experience and educational background, you should be prepared to walk away. If they won’t pay you fairly when they hire you, they won’t treat you fairly on the job either.

You know from the interview that working with the boss is going to be awful. Most employers put their best foot forward in the interview. So if you find that you can already tell that the boss is going to be a challenge to work with, you may need to turn down that job offer. As is popularly stated, most people don’t leave their jobs; they leave their bosses. Taking a job with a bad boss could easily mean that you will be looking for another job again soon.

The organization is a bad fit. Initially you might be so excited by the job offer that you don’t consider this factor, but if the organization is a bad fit for who you are and what you stand for, you will always be uncomfortable there. The worst case scenario is if the company thinks you are such a bad fit that they end up firing you. Since this is a very real possibility, it is best to avoid a bad fit in the first place.

The position is a bad match for your career goals. If the position does not align with your career aspirations, you might consider refusing the offer. Taking a job out of your field can cost you because employers are always looking for people with current skills. So unless you are in a situation where you have to take a job, any job, because you need to live, it’s best to stay away from jobs that are a bad career match.

To confidently turn down an offer, you must be secure in your abilities and believe that there is a better fit out there for you.  Make sure that your skills are current and that you have a solid work history so that you will be in the best position to receive the best offer.

Cheryl Palmer is a career expert who has regularly been quoted in The Ladders, the Wall Street Journal, CBS MoneyWatch, and CNN Money.  She is a career coach, resume writer, and LinkedIn expert.  Download 5 Master Strategies to Land a Job Through Social Media at www.calltocareer.com.

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