Keeping Up With Recruitment Trends: Online Recruitment

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The online job market has exploded in popularity over the past few years and now going mobile.  35% of job seekers are expected to search for their next job via their mobile device by the end of this year. With such a shift in job seeker behavior it’s no surprise the internet has become a breeding ground for new job sites offering an array of options to job seekers and employers alike. With thousands of job sites to choose from, it quickly becomes an overwhelming, costly and time consuming process when trying to reach the right candidate. In fact, many employers post the same job on multiple sites in hopes of reaching the best talent at the right time.

So how are employers simplifying the process? They look for job sites that leverage recruitment advertising networks.

Recruitment advertising networks are a collection of sites that add to and share a database of job postings. This means a single job posting can be distributed across the network and displayed on any of the connecting sites.

For employers, recruitment ad networks drastically cut down the traditional legwork needed to post jobs on several job boards simultaneously. But more importantly recruitment advertising networks help ensure online job posts receive more exposure to qualified talent to generate better response rates.

But beware, not all networks are the same. Many job sites promote that they have a distribution network, but that does not mean the job posting will be seen or even published on other sites. The majority of these networks have no way to measure or impact the performance of the job posting and the posting could end up in a black hole.

Our job board at CPGjobs is a member of TheJobNetwork™, the largest recruitment ad network in North America. Why? Because we strive to provide our advertisers the best possible performance, reach and return on their investment, and TheJobNetwork™ is the only network that provides real-time performance monitoring and campaign management to ensure job postings get the most qualified response possible. When we combine our already engaged job seekers using our site with the additional visibility and exposure on the network, our site can generate more qualified candidates in less time. On average, job postings that are posted on our site and distributed to TheJobNetwork™ experience up to 4 times better performance compared to the leading national job board.

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