Once you create a job seeker account on our job site, you will be engaging in the most effective job search possible. Based on your profile, our system automatically finds jobs that match your skills, experience, and preferences using Real-Time Job Matching™ technology. It’s simple to use and works around the clock for you, so you won’t miss out on that special job opportunity coming your way. In addition, our site is part of a network of thousands of partner sites from a variety of locations and industries making more job matches possible

Getting started is super easy!

To start creating or updating your profile, first you’ll need to log in to the site.  Use the “JOB SEEKER LOGIN” button at the upper right of the CPGjobs home page, or go to http://jobs.cpgjobs.com/login



This will take you to the login screen.  If you have not yet created a password for the system, click on the “Forgot your password” link next to the Login button.


Then, simply input your email address and the system will send you an email with a link to create/reset your password.


Make sure that you check your junk/spam filters for this message, since it may be coming from a sender you haven’t saved.  The message will look something like this:


Click on the “Reset Your Password” button.  On this page, put the password you would like to use for this account into the box, confirm it, and you’re done!


Click the “Continue to my account” button to continue to your profile:


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