LinkedIn and the Mystery of 500+ Connections

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LinkedIn and the Mystery of 500+ ConnectionsMost social networks try their hardest to break down traditional hierarchies and level the playing field for connecting users with one another.

But they also play into a kind of hierarchy of their own too. For example on Twitter, you can basically see who’s an internet celebrity by looking at how many followers they have. “Wow, that person has 20,000 followers, they must be someone special!”

The number of followers on Twitter becomes a signal to popularity. cough cough The number of people in your LinkedIn network is also a social signal. Want to guess what?

Look. The riskiest thing a company does is hire someone.

Your job as a career oriented professional is to make yourself as low risk as possible.

And the best way to do that is to prove that many people know you, like you and want to be in  your network.

When you have 500+ connections on LinkedIn, you signal that you’re a low risk option, other people vouch for you, you take your career seriously.

Whereas, Twitter might have degrees of popularity. “I’ve got 10,000 followers, they have 100,000!”…LinkedIn has two degrees of popularity: less than 500 or 500+.

It’s very binary.

Therefore, superstar status on LinkedIn is much easier to attain than on other networks.

To be a LinkedIn superstar, all you need to do is get 501 connections!

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