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I’d like to point out a big mistake many jobseekers are making:  They simply copy/paste the content in their résumé into their LI profile.

Why is this a mistake?

First, when a recruiter views your profile on LinkedIn and then requests your résumé, imagine the disappointment when they read the same information. You run the risk of the recruiter moving on to the next candidate feeling that you aren’t motivated enough to write fresh content.

Second, LinkedIn has many features that allow you to share more information than you can on your résumé.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. While both the résumé and LI profile are written in the first person, a résumé sounds more formal because “I” and “my” are omitted. With LI, you want to include those pronouns which will be more personal and engage the reader.
  2. LinkedIn gives you more space to tell your story. While résumés are written tightly to keep them to 1-2 pages, with LI you have 2,000 characters for your opening summary and each position. If you capture the reader’s attention with your opening, they’ll continue to read the entire profile. Therefore, the opening summary is the most important part of your profile.

While the summary on your résumé briefly describes your value proposition – what it is that differentiates you from your competition – the summary on LI tells your story … where you’ve been, what you’ve accomplished, why you love what you do, and who are the types of companies that could benefit by talking to you. In this section, use the entire 2,000 characters to “sell” yourself as an ideal candidate.

Note:  If you aren’t in the job market (or don’t want your employer to know that you are looking) use this section to highlight your company and what you do for them.

When you move to the experience section, there are two schools of thought. One is that you should describe in great detail your job duties and include many bulleted statements of contributions. The other (which is my preference) is to include just a few sentences that give an overview of the scope of your position, followed by just one or two of your best accomplishments. This will pique the reader’s interest to know more and request your résumé (plus you don’t need to do as much re-writing!).

  1. LinkedIn allows you to add media. Of most importance is your photo. Hiring managers and recruiters want a face to go along with the name, but in the U.S. including a photo on a résumé isn’t done due to legal considerations. LinkedIn solves this problem. Be sure to use a professional head shot and realize that to have your profile 100% you must include a photo.

LinkedIn also provides areas to upload or link to PowerPoint presentations, videos, websites, articles, and your résumé, thus providing a more complete picture of who you are.

Following these tips will strengthen your LinkedIn profile which will result in more interview requests!

Kathy Keshemberg is a Nationally Certified Resume Writer and Certified Career Management Coach. Since 1983, she has created thousands of interview-winning resumes and related job-search materials for satisfied clients around the world. Need assistance with your career? We’re here to help! www.acareeradvantage.com

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