LinkedIn Profile Photo Tips

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LinkedIn Profile Photo TipsDid you know that profiles with pictures attract 70% more inquiries than profiles without? Here are some tips to help you create and choose the best photo to use for your LinkedIn Profile:

  • Don’t use an old photo. Haven’t we all met someone for the first time who we didn’t recognize because the photo on their profile was from 10 years ago (or longer)? Not a great first impression!
  • Use a photo of you alone, preferably head and shoulders – if you use a full body shot your face won’t be recognizable; a close-up of just your face might be too overpowering. Also, don’t have other people in your photo or crop them out of the shot — there should not be any errant body parts in your LinkedIn photo
  • Professionally done photos are best. An alternative is to have a friend or family member snap some shots – make sure the background isn’t distracting. Don’t use a photo taken by holding a phone at arm’s length – I’ve never viewed a good result of this method. You can use the self-timer on a camera – set it up opposite a chair, set the timer, and then move around to pose; this method will take some experimentation, but can work
  • Relax.  Look directly at the camera and smile! Radiate warmth and approachability in your photo.
  • Tips for Men: Wear a dark blue or black dress shirt.  No t-shirts or Hawaiian shirts. No busy or crazy patterns.
  • Tips for Women: Wear something you feel comfortable in. No t-shirts. No big or busy patterns. Soft, dark v-necks look great. Black always works; avoid white. Also consider having hair and makeup professionally done.

Kathy Keshemberg is a Nationally Certified Resume Writer and Certified Career Management Coach. Since 1983, she has created thousands of interview-winning resumes and related job-search materials for satisfied clients around the world. Need assistance with your career? We’re here to help!

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