Looking For A Job: Here are the Tools You’ll Need!

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Looking For A Job: Here are the Tools You'll Need!Finding that perfect job is becoming more difficult. Competition is high, and many corporations are sending work to other countries. Today’s job seekers have a whole different way of looking for a job than they did even 15 years ago. There are of course some things that will always help such as networking. There are different tools and methods than in the past. Here, are 5 tools to help find that perfect job.

The Right Resume
Human resources and hiring managers can read through dozens of resumes on a daily basis. It is essential to have a concise resume that includes all of your information. There are services which assist people with their resumes. They can either write up your resume altogether, or change yours to be more appealing to hiring managers. These services pay for themselves, in fact, some have guarantees they will find you a job.

A recruiter can be a powerful ally to have on your side. You would go to a recruiter and provide them with your resume and job interests. A recruiter can do work for you; this is especially true if you have specific talents. They have contacts with companies and can get you an interview. A recruiter can also hep you tailor your resume and even prepare you for the interview. Recruiters make money based upon getting people hired, so they will work hard on your behalf.

Glassdoor is an excellent website that offers insight into the inner workings of many of the largest companies. One can easily learn about the interview process and questions. Many people use the site to size up an employer before applying. GlassDoor works well with larger corporations; smaller corporations may not have enough employees to give the inner scoop. This is a vita website that can undoubtedly give anyone the upper hand when interviewing with a company. Learning about company culture and interview tactics will give anyone an enormous advantage.

Indeed is not like the average job site. Many people look for a job by going to a handful of sites, which consumes a lot of time. Indeed is a powerful search engine for jobs, you even have the ability to set alerts for certain job keywords. This does not replace the other resume sites, but it certainly helps the process.

Many people have a social media account at Facebook, adding friends and co-workers. It would be best to keep the two separate. This can be done by opening a LinkedIn account. Not only will this allow you to post your resume, but you can connect with employers. Many people have landed jobs or interviews on the basis of mutual friends on LinkedIn. It is imperative for a serious job seeker to have an account.

The bottom line is, looking for your perfect job is a lot of work. The traditional methods such as networking still apply today, just in a different fashion. Anyone looking for a job needs to be proactive, just emailing a resume is not going to land a job. It is necessary to stay on top of your game. Looking for a job can be a full time job in itself.

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