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Make Yourself Irresistible to EmployersWhat are your “best features?” Sound more like a dating question than a resume prompt? Not really when you think about the end goal for your resume. You want to make a perfect match by landing an interview that leads to the job. You can make sure employers can’t wait to meet you by selling your best features through your resume!

Everyone knows the purpose of a resume is to open the door to an interview, but if you think of your resume as simply a tool, it is likely to feel boring to the reader. Energize your writing by using action words to translate your dynamic personality to the page. Use language that helps the reader “see” you performing those same successful feats as a member of their team. Don’t fall into the trap of “lifting” your current job description and placing it in your resume. “Other duties as assigned” does not sound like the type of leader companies need in today’s competitive marketplace.

Think about the story you are telling with your resume. All the jobs build a picture of your career progression for the reader. But don’t try too hard by making your resume all-inclusive. A comprehensive resume that includes everything from your first scholarship and internship to last year’s successful project is more likely to work against you than for you. You want the employer to be looking forward into the possibilities you can create for their company instead of wondering if your best contributions are in the past.

Think about it – when was the last time you read War and Peace, or any book that felt too long? Remember that your resume can only hold the reader’s interest for a very short time. Most hiring managers just spend a few minutes or less in that initial reading. Use the sales pitch approach to test every section of your resume. Is it concise? Does it strongly convey your key points? Does it leave the reader wanting to know more about you? Keep it interesting and the hiring manager will want to know the rest of your story – which you can tell in the interview!

Just as you don’t want to include every detail of your work history, don’t try too hard to make a connection by including a laundry list of all your philanthropic and leisure interests. In fact, including all those details may turn some people off. Save your personal anecdotes for the interview. You can judiciously add those stories and personal revelations to help deepen the connection once you are face-to-face with the hiring manager.

Think through the image you are presenting with your documents. Your first impression is not your wardrobe choice for the interview, but your resume! Just as you wouldn’t wear something too racy, informal, or “blinged-out” to the interview, you need to make professional choices about your documents as well. Adding special boxes, different sizes of font, animations, or even web links are all more likely to detract from your resume, or at the minimum, create a first impression that makes you memorable in all the wrong ways. An irresistible resume highlights your strengths and unique talents while balancing industry keywords to effectively tell your professional story of just the right qualifications for the open position.

Do your homework about the company and the opening to make sure you are irresistible. Everyone knows it is a good idea to research the company to make sure you have the hiring manager’s name to personally address your correspondence. However, most people stop there. Take your research to the next level so that you can begin to connect the dots between the company’s needs and your skills for the hiring manager. What problems has the company faced recently? What future trends are forecast for the company or the open position? Think of your resume as a white paper that addresses those concerns. You might even make an explicit connection in the cover letter that you send along, expressing your enthusiasm to discuss the potential solutions you can provide. That kind of problem solving and initiative are certain to be irresistible to the hiring manager!

Change how you think about your resume to change the results you are getting. Carefully craft your professional image and the story of your work history to be irresistible to employers. Engage the reader and make them want to learn more about you. If you are beginning to think of an article or book that you recently read that you didn’t want to end, you are on the right track. Make yourself irresistible to employers in a great resume and the hiring manager will be calling to hear more of your story!

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