How to Manage Your Personal Brand

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How to Manage Your Personal BrandYou hear so much about your personal brand these days that you know it must be important.  It is tough to figure out your personal brand and once you do, it can leave you scratching your head wondering what you do next.

When I think of managing your personal brand, I think in two timeframes.  The first timeframe is immediately and in the foreseeable future.  The second timeframe is out in the future beyond a year.  There are different actions for you to consider.

Things to do now:

  • Incorporate into Linked In profile – it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job or have your own business, your Linked In profile is your personal website and you should ensure it is well branded all the time.  You never know who will be looking at it with a hot opportunity.
  • Update your email signature – With the addition of a couple of words, you can turn your email signature into your brand.  If you have a small graphic, you could add it or something as simple as “I help ambitious and introverted professionals achieve the potential”.
  • Add it to your business card – keep in mind there are two sides to your business card.  If all you have on your card is your title, you are leaving a lot to the imagination of those reading your card.  Make sure you are telling them what you can do for them. (We’re all selfish)
  • Website – if you do have a website, update it generously through out with your branding concepts so people visiting truly get the drift of what kind of experience you will create and the problems you solve.
  • Speak your brand – all it takes is one well-placed word for people to “get it” about your personal brand.  You shouldn’t be a walking advertisement.  You should, however, help people understand how what you do might be of value to them.
  • Behave your brand – you probably already do this but you do want to be consciously aware of your brand and the various ways you can reinforce it.

Things to do in a year:

  • Check back on your brand – as we evolve, so does our brand.  You may want to evolve into a new offering or skill.  You should plan to update all of the places you have established your brand.  Even if you have nothing new to add, your checkpoint in future will help you keep up your awareness of it.
  • Freshen up your printed brand items – even if all your information on things like your email signature and website are still valid – it needs a spa treatment at least once a year.  There is always room for improvement and even slight modifications simply keep you energized and the rest of the world will appreciate new things to read.

The best way to think about your personal brand is that it has to have your personal time and attention on an ongoing basis in order to truly serve you.  Your personal brand is your reputation; it’s what the world comes to know about you.

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