Networking Mastery for the Introvert and Socially Reluctant

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Networking Mastery for the Introvert and Socially ReluctantYou might be an introvert or you might not be but simply detest networking.  Even the most outgoing person I know at times just wants to avoid others.  Is that you at times? It’s natural to varying degrees for most of us but it can be a real career-limiting thing if you don’t move past your own tendencies.

Networking – or relationship building is the stuff that will mean the difference in getting a promotion, a bigger paycheck, or the next job opportunity.  You do want these things don’t you?

In this webinar, I will break networking down into easy to follow steps and actions.  You will learn:

  • What networking REALLY is
  • 3 most important things you will gain by good networking practices
  • 4 building blocks to relationship development
  • Your “3-tiered” network and actions to take this week
  • A menu of 25 different easy-to-do actions you can pick from AND will make a difference

If networking is as fun as a visit to the dentist you will want to join me, Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, the Introvert Whisperer and Leadership Champion on September 24 at 12pm pst/3pm est AND 5:30pm pst/8:30pm est.

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