Affiliates and Suppliers

The Affiliates and Industry Supplier directory has officially arrived!

If you are a supplier of services to the companies in our industry, this is the directory you must be a part of.

Get more prospects to connect with your company with these benefits:
  1. Get seen by the employers you want to sell to
  2. Become a featured affiliate and show up first
  3. Write and share your public articles on our blog with a link back to your company page
  4. Advertise your company on our home page with special rates
  5. Get vetted by CPGjobs so we can make personal referrals to our employer companies on your behalf
Introductory price:
$49 per month
$39 per month, if one year is paid up front.  A savings of $100.
Be one of the first 50 companies to sign up and received a featured affiliate slot for one month for free.
If your company would like to be included in the Affiliate and Supplier directory, please submit your request by email to and we will review your request immediately!

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