Resume Services: How To Choose A Resume Writing Service

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Resume Services: How To Choose A Resume Writing ServiceMany career professionals and job hunters need to decide whether they should try to write their resume on their own or hire a professional resume writer.

There are several things to consider when exploring your options, including how much it’s worth to you to get a job faster, and whether you have the skills necessary to create a beautiful marketing piece. Let’s say you’ve considered the options and have decided that investing in some expert help will be well worth the investment.

How do you choose which resume service is right for you?
Here are the things I suggest you keep in mind when choosing the right professional resume writer.

1. Do a search for “resume writing services” and look at the range of options out there.
There is something for everyone in the world of resumes, so do some research about the options. Some large job posting sites offer resume services bundled with other services, some resume sites have multiple divisions or a large team, some are boutique services with a professional or small team offering resume services, and some are solo consultants who just write darned good resumes.

2. There is no one-size-fits-all resume service.
Somewhere in that range of companies is something that will feel right for you. Some people prefer a large established service, and some would rather work with someone they can have more of a personal connection with. There is no right way, just as there is no one perfect resume, so just concentrate on finding what feels like the right fit for you.

3. There’s no substitute for real-world experience.
The higher your target position and the more specialized your background is, the more important it is that you get help from someone who knows the hiring ropes for people at your level. Look for an expert who’s got hands-on experience in the world of hiring and screening, as well as strong success creating professional resumes.

4. Certifications are a bonus, not a requirement.
Not all talented resume experts have certifications, and not all people with certifications are talented resume experts. You are better off with someone who’s been creating resumes for years than with someone who invested in an expensive certification but has never been an insider in the world of hiring.

5. Look for someone whose style and approach you like.
You are going to find many personalities and styles out there. Some are very corporate, some focus on certain types of jobs, and some are small and customized. Some places do the whole process online, and others have you come in and sit down at the desk with the resume writer. Whichever way you go, follow your gut.

6. Remember, their website is a sample of their work.
A company’s website is designed to market them, so look at it carefully. Of course, a website isn’t actually like a resume, but they both require quality content and formatting, so if it’s badly laid out, done with tacky fonts and colors, poorly designed or clumsy in its writing style, forget it. Your resume is too important to trust with someone who can’t even create a clean and professional website.

7. Consider if you need the extra services they offer.
Most services also offer cover letters and thank-you letter writing services and some also do resumes for federal jobs. Some resume services will also market you to open jobs and submit your resume on your behalf to job postings (for an extra fee, of course).

8. Don’t be swayed by price alone.
Price is not always a measure of quality. Some resume writing services start below $100.00 and others can scale up to over $400.00, depending on your career level and experience. Remember, this is an investment, so shop around, but don’t nickel and dime yourself.

9. Look for referrals and recommendations on LinkedIn.
Obtaining a referral is often best, so ask your friends and trusted network for suggestions of who they’ve used. Any professional resume writer should be on LinkedIn too, so see if you can find recommendations there.

10. Start with an email or phone call and see how you’re treated.

Bottom line, your goal is to find a resume writer expert or professional resume service that can bring out the very best in your background, your experience, and position you for the job you really want! Consider the options and listen to your intuition and don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. The Creative Network, Inc. is an executive recruiting firm with expertise in the consumer products industries with emphasis in the Art/Craft, Office Products, Gift, Stationery, Toy, Publishing, Home Decor, and Tabletop, HBA and Grocery Channels. Visit The Creative Network at

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