The Top Eight Rules of Networking

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The Top Eight Rules of NetworkingNetworking is a critical part of any job hunt, yet it’s probably the easiest thing to get wrong. Using living, breathing connections works better than blindly sending out resumes over the Internet, but for many, approaching people they don’t know for help finding or getting a job is uncomfortable and nerve wracking. Here are the first four etiquette guidelines to perhaps ease a few fears (to be continued next newsletter):

  • Have a solid introduction As most know, first impressions count heavily. Make sure your attire, attitude and overall appearance are the best possible before introducing yourself to someone.
  • Don’t confuse people with your pitch No one needs to hear your entire work history upon meeting you. If someone asks you to tell them a bit about yourself, your explanation from start to finish shouldn’t take more than 60 seconds.
  • Don’t tell a sob story No matter how tough it’s been, you need to paint a positive picture when you’re making new connections.
  • Spend more time listening than talking Talking about yourself is a good way to share information about who you are; however listening closely can help you understand someone else.

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