The True Power of Chiropractic

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This article is written by our chiropractor that Penny and I go to.  We trust and use his service and I have asked him to periodically contribute to us in the wellness area.

By: Kyle Umland, D.C.

Your body is constantly changing.

Your body is made up of trillions of cells & each cell is performing literally thousands of functions each second.

You’re not telling your heart to beat a certain beat, your stomach to digest food, you don’t consciously control all the processes going on in your body each moment.

So your body is changing moment to moment, day to day.

Everyday your body is either getting a little stronger or a little weaker.

All your cells have to be organized, they have to work together harmoniously for you to grow stronger each day & stay healthy & happy.

No part of your body can work as it’s supposed to unless it is fully connected to your brain & nervous system

Your brain & all the parts of your body are connected through your nervous system. In order to get stronger instead of weaker each day you must have a clear neurological connection between your brain & your body.

Now, how do you do that? In order to have a clear connection between your brain & your body & keep growing stronger everyday your spine has to be properly aligned & functioning normally.

Most of the time when your spine’s out of alignment & it’s not functioning normally you don’t feel anything. 85% of your nervous system is from the top bone in your neck & up to your brain.

Your nervous system & your spine are very intimately connected to each other & they’re one in the same.

Now if your spine loses its normal alignment or function you also partially lose the connection, the neurological connection between your brain & your body as well as the ability to organize your body towards harmony & health.

Over time this will cause errant patterning of the nervous system.

The goal of chiropractic care is not to get you out of pain, it’s not to relieve you of headaches, neck pain, back pain.

In fact chiropractic doesn’t cure anything.

Chiropractic only does one thing & one thing only, it’s to help you to restore & maintain normal function & alignment in your spine in order to re-establish & maintain that brain body connection, to increase the level of organization in your body.

When your body’s disorganized it creates problems.

The thing is everyday you’re either getting stronger or you’re getting weaker.

That’s basically what chiropractic is for, to keep you getting stronger so you can be happy & healthy. Does that make sense to you? Why it’s so important to get adjusted? Does that make sense?

When your spine is out of alignment & not functioning you are losing life force. You go to the chiropractor to get more of the life force , you go to get more of something you’ve lost rather than to get rid of something you don’t need, see the difference? Big difference.

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