Tips to Freshen Your Job Search

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Tips to Freshen Your Job SearchSpring will be here soon … well, the calendar says so, but the snow banks may give a different impression for many of us. Now is a great time to revitalize your job search and (hopefully!) make some progress before summer is upon us. Here are a few tips to freshen up your search:

  1. Change up your routine by adding structure. Many of you may have a system in place, but if not consider creating lists (my favorite way to stay on track!). Have an overall list of tasks that support your monthly goal. Break that down into what you intend to accomplish each week, and further to daily activities. Also have a list of quick fill-in items – things you can accomplish in 5-10 minutes so if you find yourself with some extra time you can use it effectively. Examples might be searching LinkedIn for a past colleague whose name you recently recalled, or finding a contact name at a company you just read about in the newspaper. Make it habit to continually jot additions to your list so that you can easily find something productive to do.
  2. If you haven’t reviewed your resume in a while, take 10 minutes to read through it. Is it loaded with industry-specific and job-related keywords?  Is it mainly describing tasks or have you minimized job descriptions and used the majority of space for quantified accomplishments? Have you added recent accomplishments or is the focus on what you did a year or two ago? If this review results in determining work is needed on your resume, add that task to your list. Or consider getting professional help. This important marketing piece is critical to landing interviews!
  3. Make changes to your LinkedIn profile. As a matter of habit, you should be making a change or two to your profile periodically – weekly if in an active job search, monthly or bi-monthly if not. LI sends emails to us letting us know about our connections’ activities – if you change your profile or make an addition to it, your name is going to appear on the email that will arrive in each of your connection’s inbox. Great way to keep your name “top of mind.”!

Kathy Keshemberg is a Nationally Certified Resume Writer and Certified Career Management Coach. Since 1983, she has created thousands of interview-winning resumes and related job-search materials for satisfied clients around the world. Need assistance with your career? We’re here to help!

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