Top 3 Job Search Tips From Recruiters

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Top 3 Job Search Tips from Recruiters

This past week I’ve been thinking about all of the information that came through in the recruiting tele-seminar we sponsored a couple of weeks ago. There was a lot of good stuff for job seekers crammed into a one-hour session, and I think the recording is definitely worth listening to if you have the chance.

In particular, there were three points the recruiter panel made that are particularly pertinent to CPGjobs Members:

1)     Job boards are not “slot machines”. Applicants who apply for multiple positions at a company through a job board or on a company’s career site are not perceived in a positive way by recruiters. Applying to multiple positions – especially when those positions are at different levels of the organization or within different career tracks – are a turn off. As one of the panel members said, “To us it looks like the candidate is trying to fill their weekly quota for unemployment benefits rather than being a serious candidate for a position. When I see that a job seeker has done this, I immediately discard their applications.”

So, while job boards may seem like “black holes,” they’re not. Human eyes ultimately review you and those eyes are watching for this type of behavior. Be selective when making your application and apply only to those positions for which you are qualified.


2)     Open positions do not necessarily mean active hiring. I know that many of you get frustrated upon filing an application and then hearing nothing – and we get frustrated with lack of response as well. However, it is true that just because a job post is open and active, it doesn’t mean that the interview process has begun. Very often there is a delay due to vacation time, business needs taking precedence over the hiring needs, or difficulties getting the interview team nailed down.

Don’t assume that because you have not received an immediate call back that you are out of the running. Also, once you are in the company’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS), you are part of the database that recruiters return to again and again to find high-potential applicants – if not for the position you are currently seeking, then for appropriate positions in the future. (NOTE: Be sure to follow all onscreen instructions when applying to positions on job boards AND on company websites. Be certain that your resume is attached to your application.)


3)     Don’t fall prey to personal brand schizophrenia. Your online presence – particularly through LinkedIn – is incredibly important to your job search; and Twitter and Facebook are becoming increasingly important as well. Recruiters are now actively using these tools in conjunction with personal referrals, job boards and their own ATS to source candidates.

There is nothing that will send your application to the trash bin faster than having information on your resume that is inconsistent with your LinkedIn profile and vice versa. It is incredibly important to send a consistent message to the hiring managers and company contacts you are targeting in your search. Be active in LinkedIn by joining Groups within your area of expertise. Participate in meaningful Group discussions.


Despite the fact that I’ve been involved in the recruiting industry for many years now, I found it really refreshing to hear these recruitment experts engage – particularly because each of them came from varied backgrounds.

If you attended this event, did you find the information that was presented helpful? What topics would you like to see covered in future CPGjobs sponsored tele-seminars?



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