With Total Talent Reach™ you no longer need to worry about where to post your job in order to get the best applicants. Total Talent Reach™ transforms your job posting into a fully-automated ad distribution campaign that targets relevant job seekers across hundreds of leading national, industry-specific, and local job sites. Our job-level campaign management technology works around the clock to make sure your ad is getting the maximum response possible so you can hire faster with much less effort, cost and time.


  • Your posting is promoted on hundreds of relevant national, local and niche job sites
  • Our system optimizes and monitors your posting performance to deliver more applications in less time
  • Our technology grades and ranks applicants based on your specific job requirements saving yout ime


On what sites are the Total Talent Reach ads posted?

The goal of this performance based posting is to ensure that job ads receive maximum exposure to potential candidates. Job seekers have many options to choose from when looking for a job site. Total Talent Reach distributes job postings to local sites, national aggregator sites, and relevant industry-specific sites that are part of the more than 1,000 sites that make up TheJobNetwork.

A partial list of such sites can be viewed on Direct posting on these sites can often cost hundreds of dollars per job per site making Total Talent Reach a very cost- effective solution to obtain maximum exposure.

Why can't I get the complete list of job sites on which my Total Talent Reach ads are posted?

There are two reasons for that: first, some of the job sites prohibit us from disclosing the fact that they post jobs from TheJobNetwork. This is due to conflicting pricing structure (it costs more to post directly
on these sites).

Second, sometimes we use intermediaries to post jobs on third party job sites. Such third parties are marketplaces where job sites can exchange postings and share revenues on a Cost-per-Click (CPC)
basis. This is often an automatic process over which we have no control. We also have limited knowledge about the sites that have accepted our ads for posting.

Third, many job aggregators send jobs to other job sites and content sites as back fillers. A job posted, for example, on SimplyHired, may be viewed on another job site. So the list of sites on which jobs are
posted is much larger than the list we can keep track of. The job site market is highly fragmented and TheJobNetwork saves advertisers the need to post and track jobs separately on hundreds of sites. In
addition, it optimizes the posting so that each job gets the highest response in the shortest time possible.

How long will my ad be posted on TheJobNetwork?

Your Total Talent Reach ad will be distributed on TheJobNetwork for the duration of your online posting.

How can I find my job on TheJobNetwork?

Total Talent Reach ads are posted only on relevant sites in TheJobNetwork. A job for a nurse, for example, will not be posted on a site that focuses on computer programming jobs. There are some sites, however, that post all kinds of jobs (e.g., job aggregators).

The time it takes for a posting to appear on a network site may vary. Some third-party sites may take anywhere from an hour to as much as two days before a job appear online. TheJobNetwork works with
third party job sites to minimize the job uploading time. Each job is posted on TheJobNetwork for the duration that it is posted on the originating site. However, it may be removed from a third party site
because it is not performing as expected, or because it has reached the CPC budget that was allocated to its promotion. In this case, it may no longer be posted by the time it is searched for.

The best time to look for your posted jobs is shortly after they are posted on the affiliate site. Once a job is posted, the RealMatch Campaign Management software starts to monitor the performance of each ad and to rotate them across different sites in order to maximize response.

To what extent can I expect my ads to increase the number of applications that I receive?

Our experience is that ads get 2 to 5 times more applications and clicks compared to postings not upgraded to Total Talent Reach. The level of increase is a function of several factors such as how attractive the ad and the job are, the availability of relevant candidates in the area, and more.

What is likely to improve the performance of Total Talent Reach ads?

An attractively written ad is key. The ad must have a simple and clear job title: “Sales Representative” instead of “Closer”. A salary range also helps attract applicants. In addition, from experience we know that a company logo and full company description also increase the number of qualified applicants (a company logo can be uploaded from the advertiser’s online account).

What steps are taken in order to make sure my ad gets the maximum exposure and applications?

A variety tools are designed to increase the exposure of the ad and the number of qualified applicants you receive. The most important factor is the network reach. TheJobNetwork is expanding on a continuous basis with both powered-by sites, as well as third-party job boards on which the jobs are posted. Postings and their results are analyzed on a daily basis and our campaign management algorithms are refined. TheJobNetwork uses unique technology to improve the ranking of the jobs on job search engines by analyzing the most successful keywords and then inserting them into relevant ads in a way that is not visible to the job seekers but improves the job’s ranking.

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