Two Worthless Words Job Seekers Use on Their Resume

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Two Worthless Words Job Seekers Use on Their ResumeI’ve found two absolutely worthless words that almost every job seeker loves to use on their resume. In fact, if you checked your resume right now chances are you would find them. What two words am I referencing? Success and Results. My hypothesis is that candidates want to be perceived as successful or able to deliver results and so they think that by using these words on their resume they’ve gotten the point across to hiring managers that they’re, well… successful or capable of producing results.

The flaw in this logic is everyone thinks they’re successful or able to produce results. In actuality, not everyone does or can. And by using terms like these on your resume the only thing you’ve accomplished is looking like every other job seeker on the market.

Instead of using these universal terms within your resume focus on providing proof. Think about how you can substantiate your successes/results with very precise statements about what you’ve achieved. Individuality is what makes you stand out as a candidate and for your resume to generate interviews (its primary purpose) it needs to articulate why you’re a success and what results you’re able to produce.

Every time you feel tempted to use the words success or results on your resume think instead about what successes you’ve brought to former employers and what results you’ve delivered. Every time you want to say results-driven or results-oriented in its place validate the statement with details, facts, figures or outcomes.

Ask yourself the following questions to help create fact-based statements:

How much?

How many?

How often?



To what end?

What about money? Have any effect on cost savings, revenue generation, sales, quotas or goals?

Did you exceed sales goals or quotas? Don’t just say that you met or exceeded them state how much!

By being specific and answering how much and how many you’re proving your success and results to the employer! And at the same time you won’t look like every other candidate you’ll look results-driven, successful, accomplished, confident, and will have proven all those things without saying so.

My name is Jessica Hernandez, and I’m the President/CEO of Great Resumes Fast.  My passion is giving job seekers who don’t have the experience, expertise, or time the tools and resources they need to find their next great career!  My specialty is resume writing, and I use my 12+ years’ experience as a recruiter and HR manager to create interview-worthy resumes for my clients.

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