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Virtual is the Better Way to RecruitThis week CPGjobs announced that it has joined forces with Brazen Careerist to host Virtual Career Fairs for CPGjobs Client companies.

Earlier this year, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare participated in the very first CPGjobs Virtual Career Fair with Brazen Careerist and it was a huge success- with over 800 candidates registering for the event!

During this event, 18 Pfizer recruiters from multiple areas of the company’s business were able to simultaneously participate in hyper-efficient, chat-based conversations with these 800 plus qualified job seekers.  Pfizer immediately went into the interview process with 7 candidates, and expects to interview many more in the coming months!  They are looking forward to participating in another Virtual Career Fair later this year.

Because of the amazing response from candidates and the overwhelming “thumbs up” from Pfizer Consumer Healthcare’s recruiting team, CPG Jobs will be actively working with Brazen Careerist to make Virtual Career Fairs available to all of our clients in the coming months.


Why a Virtual Career Fair?

  • Virtual Career Fairs are a very efficient way for your recruiting teams to interview hundreds of qualified candidates in a single event.
  • The Brazen Careerist Virtual Career Fair technology allows your recruiting team to quickly move candidates through your initial interview process and mark candidates for future follow-up.
  • Virtual Career Fairs are a great way to build a stronger pipeline of candidate contacts and prospects from the comfort and convenience of your own offices- or wherever your recruiting team may be located- saving you time and expense.
  • Virtual Career Fairs build your employment brand with a highly targeted candidate base.
  • Virtual Career Fairs can be used for building pipelines for immediate or future hiring needs and by large or small organizations.


Learn More

Want to know more about Pfizer Consumer Healthcare’s Virtual Career Fair success? Think a Virtual Career Fair might be right for your organization?

Email Michael Carrillo at or call me at 626-535-0143 to learn more about how your team can take advantage of this great new recruiting tool today!

View the email announcement here.

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