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What Not To PostGuest Blogger: The Creative Network

This subject of “what not to post” brought me in mind of  a runaway hit television show on BBC named “What Not To Wear”. For those of you who are not familiar with the premise of this show, it involves a very no-nonsense and somewhat confrontational approach to unsuspecting individuals whose family members and friends have nominated them to be subjects of the show. Trinny and Susannah take a hard look at the clothes that people wear and proceed to list all of the fashion sins they are committing. People expect their friends and family to give them honest feedback about how they look, what they wear, and the way they present themselves.

Here’s the truth: Friends lie. Family members lie.

Either that or they have told you the truth but you’re too hard-headed to accept it.

Regardless – what we’re left with is people who make horrendous fashion choices that we’re all forced to look at each and every day of our lives. I was extremely tempted to join a facebook group the other day that was entitled “There is a weight limit on the privilege to wear skinny jeans”. Someone HAS to live with the poor girl who was pictured as the poster child for that group – and yet still the girl ventured out into public looking like an ice cream scoop delicately balanced on a sugar cone.

The same holds true for social networking. If you are on facebook, LinkedIn, etc. AND you are looking for a job, take a good long look at the content you’ve included in your social networking presence. Companies are finding your sites and comparing what you’ve written there with what you have written on your resume. If you list that you’ve an avid outdoorsperson on your resume because you want to come across as someone who embraces challenges and is creative in the face of danger, then don’t list that you’re a homebody on your facebook page. And vice versa.

And yes, you may have the most snuggly wuggly puddin-toast of a partner but do you REALLY want your potential employer’s first impression of you to be that of Champion Baby Talker?

Your friends won’t tell you this, your family won’t tell you this, and the Hiring Managers won’t tell you this. So take it from Nancy The Recruiter. Before you embark on a serious job hunt – take a long and objective look at your social networking information and be sure that everything’s consistent.

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