What’s New? Job Board Messaging!

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What's New? Job Board Messaging


Take a look at the  CPGjobs Job Board and you’ll notice something different.

We are now posting important weekly messages in the Job Board!

To see these weekly messages, go to the Job Board, click the “Filter By Category” drop-down at the top of the list and select “CPGjobs Candidate Messages.” All Job Board messages will be posted for 15 days.

One of the most important types of messages we’ll be posting every Monday, are the announcements of the names of new clients that have joined the roster of CPGjobs employers.


What You Should Do

So why should you care about the new companies that are now posting their jobs on the site?

Remember, your information on CPGjobs is confidential. If you don’t have these companies checked off in your Candidate Profile, they won’t be able to see your Profile when they are searching CPGjobs for qualified candidates.

That’s right. You MUST add our hiring companies and recruiters in the Select Your Target Employers section of your Profile in order for them to have access to your contact information and resume.


Why You Should Do It

Here’s something you might not know.

When our hiring companies and recruiters search CPGjobs for potential candidates, those candidates who have most recently updated their profiles show up first on their lists. If you fail to update your Profile regularly you may never get seen– even though you may fit the criteria for their search

Be sure to check the Job Board regularly for important messages and add the latest CPGjobs employers to your Candidate Profile for maximum visibility of your background, skills and resume!


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