Without Interests Your LinkedIn Profile is Uninteresting

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So, you’ve decided that including your outside interests on your LinkedIn profile is unprofessional?

I hate to burst that illusion, but here goes.

A friend of mine has a son who was competing for a very intense internship in the financial industry. He was going head to head with ivy-league grads from old money who only need 2 hours of sleep at night, and can live off of pizza and beer. He was just a smart, yet fairly normal guy, who enjoys building his own electric guitars on the weekend.

He included his guitar making interest in his resume. The hiring manager, happened to also be into making guitars.

Who do you think scored the most coveted and competitive internship!

At the end of the day, hiring managers, recruiters, future bosses of all kinds, hire based on whether or not they like you. Period.

Yes, you need to be able to do the job. But lots of people can do the job.

If they like you, have something common with you, find your hobbies interesting, think you have cool stuff to say, life stories worth sharing etc. then their comfort for picking you is higher than with any other candidate.

Help your LinkedIn profile readers relate to you more by including the interests you have, the hobbies you enjoy, the odd sports you play on the weekends, the things you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t yet, the things that make you unique.

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