Your Interview Behavior and How to Create Fast “Likeability”

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Your Interview Behavior and How to Create Fast “Likeability”The impression you make on the interviewer is more than delivering a great response to a question.  The impact you make on them will come as a result of your own behavior and interaction with them.  People want to hire people that they like and share similar values.  While all of those things can’t possibly be revealed over the course of a 1 hour interview, they will form impressions of what they think those are by both verbal and non verbal skills.

There are many people these days that talk about “likeability”.  Likeability is simply about your ability to connect to another person in a way that is comfortable and pleasing to the other person.  It is not about trying to be something you aren’t.

Below is a list of tips and ideas for you to consider and practice that will help ensure you are considered likeable and connected to those you interview with.

Establish Rapport

  • Shake hands firmly without crushing their hand or being a “limp rag”
  • Ask them questions about office, surroundings or other “non personal” things = show interest
  • Smile easily
  • Make eye contact
  • Listen without forming a response – ask questions – clarify

Relaxed and Energetic

  • Absence of nervous gestures
  • Body is erect and slightly forward
  • Mild gestures

Appearance and Body Language

  • Consider reading Dress for Success on my website, there is a version for both men and women
  • Consider reading What Your Body Says by Sharon Sayler to learn more about body language and consistency in your message

Engaged and Interested

  • Speak about 50% of the time
  • Never speak for more than 2 minutes in one shot – ask to go on if you need further explanation
  • Ask questions about the business, issues and position

When you show a person that you are genuinely interested in them and what’s important to them, the attraction grows.  The tips outlined here are easy to do and are the simple ingredients of a likeable person they will want working with them.

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